Motorola portable all transistor AM/FM battery operated radio.

I received it just as you see it. I works fine and sounds great, but I'm curious to know when it was built.

Does anyone have more information about this model?

Update: Irv wrote in to let me know that the X70E was manufactured in 1963 and the original list price was $19.95.

Two knobs control off/on/volume and tuning. The center column displays a tuning bar, with AM on the right and FM on the left.

Motorola opened their corporate headquarters in Franklin Park in 1959, so based on the address on the label it appears this radio was built in 1959 or the early 1960's.

Motorola adopted the "Batwing" M corporate logo in 1955, so I'm curious why this radio bears an earlier design.

Last updated September 27, 2003
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