This a very early single conversion shortwave receiver, made by GRE and sold through Radio Shack. The DX-150 had three variants, and was eventually replaced by the DX-160.

Receiver Manufacture
DX-150 1969 - 1971 30 semiconductors
DX-150A 1969 - 1972 FET front-end
DX-150B 1972 - 1974 Five FETs, mechanical filter
DX-160 1975 - 1980 One integrated circuit

GRE has a page here that describes the DX-150 and DX-160 models.

W4JBM has a good page with a bit more information about the DX-160 that you can see here.

You can download a copy of the Service Manual for the DX-150B in PDF by clicking here.

If anyone has a Service Manual for the original DX-150, I'd love to get a copy!


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Updated March 19, 2005