From January 2000 through December 2003 I wrote a monthly column for Monitoring Times magazine called Tracking the Trunks, covering developments in trunked radio systems.

In January 2004 that column was merged into a more general scanning column, which I now write.

All of the Tracking the Trunks columns are available on-line:

2000 January Trunking Theory 101
February A Trunked System Demo
March Tracking Motorola Systems
April Ericsson's EDACS Trunking
May Logic Trunked Systems
June The Case for APCO Project 25
July Readers Track the Trunks
August Figuring Out Fleet Maps
September Can These Trunked Systems Deliver?
October Simulcasting
November Mailbag Miscellany
December Who's on Where?
2001 January Sorting Out the Systems
February Seeking Frequencies
March Public Access Trunked Radio
April Motorola Type II Trunking
May Trunking by TETRA
June The Price of Progress
July Travel Tips
August The Digital Side of APCO-25
September To Buy or Wait? That's the Question
October Palm Beach County Confusion
November Making the Case for Simulcasting
December Olympic-sized Trunking
2002 January Encryption for Security
February Nextel Proposes Restructuring 800 MHz
March Digital Monitoring in Sight
April Computer Interfacing Your Scanner
May How Radio Frequencies are Assigned
June EDACS Systems and Palm Programs
July AOR's APCO-25 Decoder
August When to Buy a Trunk-Tracking Scanner
September New Trunked Systems
October Recommendations from Our Readers
November The Quest for Interoperability
December Guide to APCO-25 Systems (Part 1 of 3)
2003 January   Military Trunks and Radio Manuals
Guide to APCO-25 Systems (Part 2 of 3)
February Tropical Trunking: Puerto Rico and Florida
Guide to APCO-25 Systems (Part 3 of 3)
March APCO P-25 Family Traits
April Testing, Testing...
May Motorola Busting Out All Over
June Sorting Out Talkgroups
July Converting Console IDs
August Radio Shack Announces the PRO-96
September Radio Communications on the Internet
October Tracking the Logic of LTR
  November   The Digital Diversity of APCO-25
Interoperability: Public Safety's Holy Grail
December Signs of Things to Come

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